Reviewing ITV’s “Marcella”; Series 1, Episode 3

Reviewing ITV’s “Marcella”; Series 1, Episode 3

Well, the hardest thing this week was working out who knew what and who was hiding what from whom. I’m still a tad embarrassed that I mixed up our dear friend Pete with his supervisor Guy, who, frankly, has done a shit job of supervising Pete in between his own little breaking-and-entering jaunts (SPOILER: it was him with the shoulder stab wound). In an industry that should be characterised as one of the homeliest and most trustworthy –bakeries are usually owned by sweet old grannies, aren’t they?– I think I can speak for us all when I say that this branch might be one to avoid on the daily bread run: even pies handcrafted by one Sweeney Todd are looking quite appetising at this point.

What’s Gone Down:

1. DTG Construction Squad Thread

  • Adorable Tim finds Grace’s body and informs her family; she was 7 weeks pregnant and had been having an affair with Jason for 3 years. THREE YEARS. I personally think that the cable ties used to bind her hands and feet were different from those we’d seen before, that might just be me. (UPDATE: that was just me.)
  • Jason finally gets his balls together and tells Marcella he’s been having an affair with Grace (this is the third time she’s been told, but her reaction –having sex– is not only unique to this occasion, thank goodness, but also slightly disturbing considering that there is not a little evidence to suggest that she herself has killed Grace.
  • BBB Sylvie fires Jason once she finds out about the affair.
  • Henry goes for comfort to Tall Dark Handsome, and somehow manages to throw a cheeky eye-smirk even through his grief to Ginger Beardie, whom we now know as Jan. Jan wishes to move to Norwich; TDH does not (and who can blame him).

2. As Yet Unknown Sex-Worker and Illegal Worker Thread

  • Cara is run over –twice– by a black Ford Fiesta just as Marcella is about to question her about who she stole the killer’s trophies from. Bless the little cotton socks of Evan Jones, the boy beaten up by Cara, who had to tell the police all about the porn site he found her on. In front of his mum.
  • Dodgy Bente, working illegally in the country, takes revenge on the man who he doesn’t think has paid him enough by crucifying his dog. And then hangs around in the kitchen of the poor woman whose rooms he is renting, offering his massage services.

3. Catching the Killer Thread

  • Grumpy Rav and unnamed hotshot techno wizard make two important discoveries:
    • 1) Clive Bonn was parked near where Grace’s body was found (I TOLD YOU! Wait, didn’t I?)
    • 2) Marcella had been looking through the CCTV footage by Grace’s flat even before she went missing. Oops.
  • Guy’s little antics mean that Pete has been left unsupervised on a few occasions, meaning, oh, I don’t know, that he could have KILLED SEVERAL PEOPLE.
  • Marcella warns Maddie to be careful of Pete, and indeed the first thing he does when he is released from supervision is stalk Maddie to her lectures… only to then follow her home when she can’t meet for coffee at a moment’s notice.
  • Unfortunately, he there sees her snuggling up to her exceedingly existent boyfriend, Adrian, and decides to take action. Even more unfortunately for Adrian, this action involves his kidnap and possible gruesome suffocation. All he wanted was his girlfriend to stop meeting a man she thought had killed at least three people!

Favourite Moments:

  1. The comforting hugs Marcella gives out liberally in this episode: to her daughter after she was caught smoking weed at school, and to Cara’s housemate after she reveals all regarding the online threats Cara had received before her death…
  2. …and on a different level, the harsh manner in which Marcella informed Jason that Grace was pregnant. As he sobbed over her dead body. Brutal.
  3. Alex, another police officer working on the case, showing her sassy side when she confronts Marcella about being fixated on Peter as a suspect: “I know you.” We all do.

Half-Hearted Predictions:

  • Laura –“DCI Porter to the rest of us”– has had Marcella’s back in a big way so far, and the reasons for this will prove to be important as the case continues. (Yes, extremely vague, but if you must know a grand total of NONE of my predications have come true and I’m widening the net)
  • Henry will sleep with Tall Dark Handsome, no question. And I’m about as jealous as Ginger Beardie will be when he finds out. <–this one still stands from last week.
  • Bente will become a prime suspect at some point, but I really don’t think he can be the main man, just because we’ve still got quite a while to go and Hans is a fan of the slow burner. He might, however, assault that poor woman who is clearly very intimidated by him.
  • Adrian’s number is up, but it’s probably a good thing because he looks far too similar to Tall Dark Handsome. Poor love.

Tills nästa vecka!


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