Reviewing ITV’s “Marcella”; Series 1, Episode 2

Reviewing ITV’s “Marcella”; Series 1, Episode 2

Oh my giddy aunt. I tell you, what with Marcella’s red-tinged flashback scenes and the thundering soundtrack going on like a 20 horsepower combine harvester in the background, I didn’t know what to do with myself and settled on barely removing the cushion from my eyes for the whole episode. Apologies, therefore, for a slightly restricted analysis.

On the plus side, the bloodstained bath scene has been put to one side for now: or rather moved to the centre of an investigation conducted by Marcella and practically the entire cast to try to find out what has happened to Grace of the Perfect Hair, who has gone missing after the ill-fated meeting at the end of the last episode. Meetings between the wife and the mistress rarely go well, on the whole, but on a bar of one to full-scale murder, this particular example seems to lean towards the higher end of the scale.

What’s Gone Down:

1. DTG Construction Squad Thread

  • Henry tells the police about Grace’s and Jason’s affair after she goes missing. This does not go down well with Jason, despite the fact that they would probably have found out anyway, seeing as their job is, well, to find things out.
  • Henry also buddies up with an old friend? more than friend? whose ginger bearded boyfriend looks distinctly unimpressed at the idea of rekindling the connection, for which I don’t blame him at all. Award for the Least Elegant Clamber over the Back Seat of a Car goes to aforementioned tall, dark and handsome (oh yes, and gay) stranger/Henry’s chum, while the prize for Least Appropriate Reaction to Someone’s Sister Going Missing goes to, of course, Ginger Beardie. And did anyone else note that he was talking about Carol, one of the previous victims, when he referred to the body that nobody found for 7 weeks?
  • Marcella finds Grace’s body, SUFFOCATED WITH A PLASTIC BAG, after remembering the events of the previous night. Talk about hangover gone wrong.

2. As Yet Unknown Sex-Worker Thread

  • Cara’s disapproving flatmate is disapproving of her sneaky thievery, but will probably be a touch more disapproving soon when…
  • …Cara is stabbed after stealing and selling the “trophies” taken from the victims, since the perp has found her online and is in the process of using a dodgy website –“Who’s That Girl?”, the existence of which I sincerely hope to be false– to name and locate her. She is definitely in the perp’s black books. Not the most sensible place to be considering that his murder toll is racking up, if we count Grace (and do we, Marcella, DO WE?)

3. Catching the Killer Thread

  • Pete has a wound in the same place that the person we assume is the killer was stabbed by one of his more alert potential victims, but Marcella has been told not to go near him under any circumstances after he accused her of harassment. Eek. Also fearing for Edith from Downton Abbey‘s wellbeing since Peter’s psychological assessment reveals he “does not take rejection well”. That would explain the less-than-subtle rooting out of whether she has a boyfriend, step up the subterfuge, Pete.
  • Erm, I think that’s it.


Favourite Moments:

  1. Peter and sidekick leaving the bakery like a pair of matching moustachioed mafiosos. Simmer down, fellas, you’re not druglords on CSI: Miami.
  2. Lovely Tim popping in to tell Marcella about her dick of a husband. Most romantic line: “‘Cause I care about you. And that’s why I’m going.” Screw Jason, I know a gem when I see one.
  3. Heartbreaking scene where Marcella tells her children about the separation. So painful.


Half-Hearted Predictions:

  • Grumpy Rav will do everything in his power to pin all of the murders from 11 years ago as well as the ones now onto Marcella, and will probably succeed. I can see a few “raging at the cell wall” scenes going down quite nicely.
  • There are two murderers? Maybe three? This is spiralling out of control at great speed.
  • Henry will sleep with Tall Dark Handsome, no question. And I’m about as jealous as Ginger Beardie will be when he finds out.
  • Cara’s flatmate will die at the hands of the perp, sadly, and Cara will go to the police for help after it happens. And the boy whom Cara beat up last week will no doubt be an eager subscriber to the mysterious “Who’s That Girl?” site, and gleefully think that the best way of wreaking revenge is to identify her online. Straight into the hands of the killer. Oh dear.

Tills nästa vecka!


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